About Hawaii Loa Luau

Gathering of the Kings

Hawaii Loa Luau showcases beautiful hula dancers and talented musicians who share the legends and tales of Polynesia's brave and courageous voyagers as they traveled to the remote Hawaiian Islands and established this land.

One of the legends that explains the early settling of Hawaii is of Hawaiʻiloa, a great Polynesian navigator. It is said that he voyaged north from Tahiti and when he came upon the Hawaiian Islands immediately fell in love with the land. He travelled back and forth from Tahiti and gave the names of his children to each of the Hawaiian islands.

Beginning in a time when the vast, open ocean was yet unchartered, discover how brave people whose descendents would be called Polynesians, carved a path through this ocean thoroughfare to settle on of the most colorful and lively group of islands in the world. Displayed in its fullness is the mana (power) of the ali'i (chiefs) that would be linked to the one star that guided them…. the star of gladness, we call Hokule'a.


Haleo Luau

Island Breeze Luau

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